Nixie Clock Light EN


 Nixie clock 'Light' User manual  


        Wooden Nixie Clock Light - The retro style alarm clock you can use every day. It is based on the Nixie tubes popular in USSR-times with some modern touches.

Prices and modifications

Clock in case of beech, oak or walnut

319 USD*


 * Price with free worldwide delivery


Voltage, V

from 100 to 265

Frequency, Hz

50, 60

Power consumption, Watts

≤ 6

Nixie tubes type



+/- 1 second per day

Dimensions, H x L x W

74х200х65 mm, 2.91x7.87x2.56 inch

Operating Temperature

from +1 to +40°С / +33 to 105°F


350 gramms / 0.77 lb


7 years