VFD Clock "Prism"


 VFD clock 'Prism' User manual  


        VFD clock "Prism" is a retro alarm clock for every day using. The clock is based on retro VFD (Vacuum fluorescent display) tube IV-18 of the USSR-era and is the embodiment of the spirit of the age with the faint note of modern era. Blue-edged warm tube light creates a beautiful glow which can be watched endlessly.VFD tubes are low power consumers and almost doesn't heating ambient air. The case of the clock is made of natural solid wood (American walnut) and aluminium, that is why they are pleasant to look and to hold in hands, feeling the texture of the wood. The clock have backup power supply on coin battery for continue time counting while power lost or transporting. Our clock signify beauty, comfort, reliability, usability and exclusiveness.

Prices and modifications

Clock in case of walnut

299 USD*


 * Price with free worldwide delivery


Voltage, V

from 100 to 265

Frequency, Hz

50, 60

Power consumption, Watts

≤ 3

Display type



+/- 1 second per day

Dimensions, H x L x W

87х174х92 mm, 3.43x6.85x3.6 inch

Operating Temperature

from +1 to +40°С / +33 to 105°F


350 gramms / 0.77 lb


7 years